Members of the Steampunk Ghostbusters, Brisbane

The Steampunk Ghostbusters delivering the novelty oversized cheque to the Cancer Council Queensland

The crew and equipment
The Steampunk Ghostbusters behind the
Charity Ball are a group of friends of various levels of nerd/ geekdom who have a unifying attachment to the 1984 Ghostbusters movie, the genre of Steampunk and raising money for charity. The 2014 Steampunk Charity ball raised over $4500, the 2015 Steampunk Charity ball raised over $7000, so this year we need help to keep that momentum going.

The group builds their own equipment, from the steam stream throwers through to the ectowhatsit detectors, along with the set pieces for the steampunk charity ball photos. We have close ties with other groups such as S.T.E.A.M, the 501st and local burleque acts such as Lady Marlene's School of Arts and Rayvn Wyners Nyte.
But most importantly...

We're prepared to be credulous in YOU!